How to Breed Superworms

December 19, 2019 DBD Pet

Breeding Superworms can be fun and exciting but it does require a lot of PATIENCE! The whole process can easily take 3 months before you'll be able to feed them to your pets. 

The first thing you will want to do is get your worms to pupate.  If you keep  the worms together in a single container, the chances of them pupating are slim to none.  We use condiment cups with a small hole cut out on the lid for oxygen, or pill containers, or fishing tackle dividers. place a single worm in each separate compartment. You do not want to feed them anything during this time or it will delay the process.  Next, put them in a dark area such as a shoe-box and let time pass. After 2 weeks take a peek and you should start to see that most of the worms have turned into pupae. It will now take about another 2 weeks for the pupae's to transition into beetles.


How to breed Superworms


Now you can place all you beetles into a single large bin exactly how you have for the Superworms but make sure to add egg carton so they can lay eggs on them.  You will want to keep the beetles hydrated the same way you have kept your worms (carrots, and potatoes work well). After weeks of allowing your beetles to breed and lay small eggs, you want to remove your beetles onto a new bin so that they don't eat the eggs. Your new eggs will hatch in the original bin, and the oatmeal will be full of tiny worms.  The worms are so small when they hatch that you probably wont see them for about another 2 weeks.

How to breed Superworms for reptiles

Repeat the process above with your beetles and remove them every 2 weeks onto a new bin.  You will soon have plenty of Superworms to feed to your animals. Make sure to save some, so that when the beetles eventually die, you can have a new generation of breeders to continue breeding for you!

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